You `ll have garathered by now that we certainly isn`t your average kind of real estate agency. In fact we do so much more, and work so much harder that you `ll probably be surprised by the sheer scope of our individual but complementary skill sets.

Smarter than the average

Whatever your background and level of experience, if you’re looking for a job – or maybe a whole new career path – so long as you have masses of enthusiasm, integrity, energy and a positive attitude, then we’d love to hear from you!

Making a difference

Prides itself on being a people business where each and every member of our hugely committed, happy and professional team makes a real and tangible difference. And, if we do say so ourselves, you couldn’t hope to find a nicer, friendlier and more outgoing bunch… many of whom you’ll meet as you navigate around this website.

Team players

Experience, knowledge and expertise are all very well and it goes without saying, come highly valued. But don’t let that put you off. We already have all those qualities and in spades. But since growth and expansion are vital to our future success, other personal attributes that feature just as highly on our wish-list include words like motivated, ambitious, team player, versatile, thinking outside the box..!

Many people looking for employment opportunities,  have a desire to change their lives and working background, to take on new challenges and expand their skill sets into new areas – and we’re more than happy to provide the right environment to do just that. It’s a philosophy that has worked well for us in the past and we know for sure it’ll continue to serve us well into the future.

Recruitment campaigns

Of course we might not always have an opening available, but we do promise you this: We keep on file every CV we receive, and when a suitable job does come up… tomorrow, next month, maybe even next year… before we start thinking about recruitment advertising – something we hardly ever need to do anyway – we automatically review our files. So if you sound like our kind of person, rest assured we’ll be in touch.

Even if we don’t have a position for you, we may well know someone who does, or perhaps we can advise or steer you in the right direction. Either way, we’ll be delighted to help.