Less is Moor


Hurtan Grand Albaycín: The embodiment of the gorgeous Jaguar XK120.


Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to you that Britain – with isobars queuing up on the coast at the mere mention of a motoring staycation – has such a rich history of successful roadster production; while Spain – sun splitting the tarmac almost daily – seemingly has none?

Well, enter a touch of Andalusian innovation and the erstwhile Roadster is lavishly reborn; only this time somewhere you’d actually expect to find one in production. It’s a revelation, flat cap blown into the back seat, hot wind rushing through your comb-over and sun-shaded eyes fixed firmly on the road instead of guardedly inspecting the heavens for menacing cloud formations.

Hurtan 2-seater: Laden with 21st century mechanics.

Yep, fortunately for us, the president of Granada-based manufacturer Hurtan Cars, Juan Hurtado, ignored those who labelled him completely bonkers when he announced his first ever Franco-esque Frogeye. For him, the dream was set in stone and his enduring self-belief has become one of Granada’s biggest success stories.

Hurtan 4-seater: Meticulous attention to detail.

This particular Andalusian topless wonder has much to bear, it could well be responsible for the Spanish populous finally contracting retrophilia, and no wonder. The third and latest luxury model – Grand Albaycín – is the embodiment of the gorgeous Jaguar XK120, a sports roadster that styled an era back in the fifties. The manufacturing process of this custom-crafted sports car panders to every whim of the auspicious enthusiast. Personalised design foibles include colour selection, rims, whitewalls, hardwood dash, the list goes on. The aim, to formulate a truly exclusive motoring experience for what has to be said would be a truly exclusive clientele!

A level of distinction that died out with the double declutch.

Renault provides the power (no hand start required), with a choice of 1.6 or 2.0L 16-valve units slotted behind the idiosyncratic radiator grille and churning out 180bhp. However, the lightweight posture of Albaycín provides some impressive propulsion figures, and the 2.0L model delivers around 130mph. Not as much punch as your customary Caterham or Morgan, but pretty nippy by any standard, and more than enough to keep the cloth cap counter at El Corte Inglés turning over nicely. Both the Grand Albaycín, and its Hurtan 2- and 4-seater stablemates are laden with twenty-first century mechanics, the bygone design underscored by an extremely dependable Renault chassis. This coupled with Hurtan’s meticulous attention to detail shows a level of distinction that just about died out with the double declutch.

Hot Retro Roadster.
This is Andalusian hand-crafting at its most exclusive, and from order it’ll take around 5-6 months before you get your leather driving mitts on this beast – not long by some custom motoring standards – but long enough to measure up for a tweed jacket and a designer head scarf for the navigator.

Hurtan’s eccentricity has lodged Granada firmly on the euro-motoring map, but be warned, darting around in this tailor made timepiece lapping up the fifties factor is fine, but please don’t forget your factor 50, it’s hot out there.