Telling it like it is

Telling it like  it is


We’ve all witnessed The Perfect Storm lashing over the last few years, and there might not be another boom for some time to come. But if history repeats itself, then it seems that for a certain few, The Perfect Moment to enter the market once more – if it hasn’t already arrived – may at least be on the horizon.

Brim full of confidence and against all the odds, the VIVA team has been raised from the ashes, restructured itself and re-entered the market with quite some impact during a year of more bad news, doom and gloom in the world economy than anyone alive today has ever seen.

At a time when former enterprises both large and small – who perhaps once had the temerity to call themselves real estate agents – have been shutting up shop or retreating to their back-bedroom websites, between August and October 2009 we have once more been entertaining clients in their hundreds as well as making property sales by the dozen. A fact that has been made possible first and foremost, because as ever, the team has continued to demonstrate a vibrancy, passion and commitment to the Costa del Sol that goes way beyond the norm. And secondly because it is also indisputable that over the past 11 years you won’t find a single company that has come even close to producing half the promotional, marketing and presentational effort that  has put into its belief and investment in the Costa del Sol.

One can also look to the fact that the principal partners in  have certainly been around a while, separately and coincidentally making their way to the Coast 20 years ago. Both arriving and working together way back in 1989, they say there is just no substitute for experience. Indeed, apart from a very few distinguished figures in the marketplace such as Christopher Clover of Panorama and Diana Morales of DM Properties – each in their own niche market areas – no one else can claim to have the background and ‘get up and go for it’ approach of the  partners, or of their senior management team.





VIVA also works closely with more than 200 companies on the Costa del Sol through its publication of HOT Properties Magazine, its high profile website, and various collaborative exhibitions and local marketing initiatives. Watch the website over the next few months; it’s currently undergoing a radical overhaul and particularly over the winter a huge effort is being made to prominently promote and feature every one of VIVA’s collaborators and associates. Clearly VIVA leads the way forward in its energetic drive to promote its Love life on the Costa philosophy, and is now working towards developing a highly informative and interactive portal site for the future which will be available in Spanish and German, too.

It is because of its dedicated client care and highly proactive position in the marketplace that VIVA has survived and is now working its way beyond the current credit crisis – and why for everyone in the know, VIVA is the pre-eminent name to trust whether you’re selling or buying property.

This has been no accidental achievement either, but rather the result of having sold more than 11,000 properties to date. In fact, as a senior figure from one of the Coast’s leading English-language newspapers recently pointed out, “In the 11 years that VIVA have advertised with us, they have never been party to any negative reaction or letters of complaint from any of our readers. In contrast to the boxes full of letters of complaint we have received about several previously well-known companies and many smaller agents, that’s little short of amazing as we have often remarked.”





Like everywhere else, the Costa del Sol is obviously not immune to the effects of the collapse in the worldwide economy. However, when it comes to whether the glass is half full or half empty, there will always be individuals and companies who, refusing to sit back and wallow in the mire, instead stand out with their creative drive and energy to deliver new elements to their market. It is also a plain and simple fact that irrespective of the state of the market – flat, boom or bust – there will always be people who have to sell their property and others who want to buy. What is so interesting right now is that VIVA is so clearly and individually thriving in its belief that for the right individual this is indeed The Perfect Moment, and by bringing sellers and buyers together as a result of the activity created by their Opportunity 2010 campaign, they are proving it day in, day out.


Like they say, where there’s life there’s hope… and thank goodness for that!