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Making the move to Spain

Perhaps your mind’s made up and you’ve decided to join the thousands of people who have decided to go for it and start a new life in Spain. Perhaps you’re one of thousands more who are still dreaming about it – or perhaps you’re somewhere in between. Whichever it is, we are here to help.

The good news is that if you’re an EU citizen who’s thinking of relocating permanently to Spain, you can live and work freely here and if you’re retired, claim your UK pension here. Spain has always been a popular retirement location, but in the last five years or so, there have been increasing numbers of young people, including families, relocating permanently to both coastal and inland areas.

Choose which of the following best suits your situation, and read on…

  • I’d like to relocate to Spain from another country
  • I’d like to retire in Spain
  • I’d like to buy a Holiday Home in Spain
  • I already live in Spain and I’m looking to move

Here at yourVIVA we know that, whatever your personal circumstances, once you’ve made the transition from dreaming about it to thinking about the practicalities, it can get a little overwhelming. Moving to Spain is a big decision, as we all know, because many of us have done it ourselves! You can’t just pack up your belongings, hop on a plane and hope for the best, especially if you need to earn a living. Good preparation and research, along with the right kind of support and advice are the key ingredients to smooth your path to success in your new life and new career.

At yourVIVA we always try and provide you with as much useful information as we can to help you with your move to Spain. Check out the links below for websites that we recommend – all related to moving and setting up home in Spain. There’s everything from removals to language schools.

Moving to Spain

At yourVIVA we don’t just sell you a property and leave you to it – we’re with you every step of the way. So talk to us, we can give you a wide range of advice on all the practical aspects of setting up your new home, whether it’s finding the right removals company or getting your utilities. If you want to get an ideas of what life in southern Spain is really like, take a look through our library of factsheets. They’re packed with useful information on everything from taxes to taxis.

We know that every yourVIVA customer is unique and each one is looking for something different from southern Spain, and from us. Luckily, the region is diverse enough to accommodate the needs of all kinds of homebuyers – from young families looking for a new life in the sun to investors and retirees. We’ve already helped thousands of people to find their perfect property and provided them with all the support they need when they first make that momentous move – so you’ll find no-one understands your needs better than our staff here at yourVIVA.

To help you take that first step towards your new future, we’ve gathered useful information from around the site into four different buyer categories. Choose which best applies to you and read on…


  • I’d like to relocate to Spain from another country
  • I’d like to retire in Spain
  • I’d like to buy a holiday home in Spain
  • I already live in Spain and I’m looking to move


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